A Response to the World Vision LGBT Decision

In late March 2014 World Vision announced its decision to change an employment policy.  The WV board decided to allow Christians in same-sex marriages to work for the institution.  Two days later, after a great deal of pressure and the withdrawal of financial support by some Christians and Christian groups, the decision was reversed.

We rejoiced in the initial announcement, and we grieve the reversal.

As World Vision President Richard Stearns suggested, sincere Christians believing in Scripture as God’s Word can disagree about the meaning of different Scriptural passages.

There are committed Christians who believe, honestly, that a few passages in the Bible referencing sexual activity between people of the same gender have been historically misconstrued.  Many of these Christians believe that the present struggle for gay civil rights is very similar to the courageous civil rights struggles of other persecuted minority groups throughout American history.

There are also committed Christians who believe, honestly, that homosexuality is sinful and flies in the face of what God desires.

Clearly there are disagreements, but disagreement does not have to compromise our work as Christians. Christians have worked together across their differences on a wide variety of issues, and they should continue to do so when a mission transcending narrow doctrinal matters is at stake.

When World Vision made its initial courageous decision to hire LGBT Christians they said they wanted to “come together across some differences and still join together as brothers and sisters in Christ in our common mission of building the kingdom.” (Stearns interview, Christianity Today)  We support this approach.

In this same vein, we support the initial decision of World Vision.  And, we call on Christian institutions to employ LGBT brothers and sisters in Christ who help further the mission of their institutions.

We sign as individuals, not speaking for our institutions.  But in some cases we have identified the institutions we are or have been affiliated with to demonstrate the depth and breadth of Christian support for the LGBT community.
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Julia K. Stronks, Whitworth University, Political Science Professor

Gloria Goris Stronks, Calvin College, Education Professor emerita


Lt. Col. Marshall A. Smith, USMC, Ret., Alum. Central Washington University

Niko Aberle, Whitworth University, Student

Elizabeth Abbey, Whitworth University, Assistant Professor

Rita Adams

Alma Aguilar, Whitworth student

christa Aikins, Mennonite, attendee

Rachel Alcorn, OneWheaton member/ally, Wheaton College alum 1999, St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, IL

Shawn Alexander

James L Allen, United Methodists Church/Catholic, Musician

Kelly Allison, Wheaton College alum 1999

Macky Alston, Auburn Seminary, Vice President Strategy, Engagement, and Media

Gary Anderko

Robin Anderson, Commonwealth Baptist Church, Pastor

Valerie Anderson

timothy anderson, non denominational

Julia Anderton

Casey Andrews

Edward Anegon, Whitworth University, 2008 Alum

Rob Anglin, Colonial Hills Christian School, Alumnus 1997

Leroy Anglin

Tom Apostolacus, Eastern University Student (class of 2016), member of Refuge and Students Advocating Gender Equality, Vice-President of Theological Society

Laura Applebee, Wheaton College, alum

Richard Archambault, Paddington Uniting Church, Member

Evan Armstrong, Unitarian Universalist church Sokane, Member

Laurie E. Armstrong-Sargent

Grant Arnold, Whitworth University, Student

Lorraine Artinger, First Reformed Church of College Point, Elder

Madison Artis, Whitworth University student, student

Ellie Ash-Bala, Fuller Seminary, Alumna

Rachel Askew, University of Puget Sound, Student

Philip Atkins, Whitworth alum

Rev. Jennifer Aull, Greenpoint Reformed Church, Pastor

Diana Avery, United Methodist, Member

Meina Awad, WWU, Student

Lindy Backues, Eastern University, Associate Professor of Economic Development

Daniel Baker Wheaton College 1977, Graduate School 1982

Matthew Baker, St. Davids Episcopal, Spokane

John Bales, Episcopalian

Randall Balmer, Dartmouth College Chair, Department of Religion, Alumnus of Trinity College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Nancy Balzer, Whitworth University, 2004 alum

Brian Bantum, Seattle Pacific University, Associate Professor of Theology

Nathan Barber, Wheaton College, student

CJ Barker, New Seed of Faith Ministry, Member

Hope Elizabeth Barnes, Whitworth student

Gregory W Barnes, Samford University, Alumnus ’81, Visiting Lecturer

Kurt Barneson, Whitworth Alum 2012

Dick Barney, Whitworth alum

MaryAnn Barney, Whitworth alum

CyBelle R. Barthelmess , Whitworth University, Residence Director

Pam Bartozzi, Kortright Presbyterian Church, Member

Chris Basham, Whitworth Alum

Karina Basso, Whitworth University, Student

Sandra Bauer, Eastern University, faculty

Johan Baumeister, Salem English Lutheran Church, ELCA, Member

Tessa Baysinger

Doug Beane, St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral, member

Lauren Beard

Noreen Lee Bechard, mother of Whitworth graduate

Rebecca Lynn Bechard

Lorenz Becker, University of Dundee, Student

Breean Beggs, Whitworth University, Alumnus Class of 1985

Connie Bellows, Calvin College, Former director of human resources

Stacey Johnson Belmont, Alum Whitworth class of 2003

Crystal Ben, University of California San Diego, Whitworth University alum 2007

Lourene Bender

Carla Bennett, Seattle University Class of 2014; Member of Presbyterian Church

Jim Bennett

J. Adam Bennett, Eastern University, Assistant Professor

Andrew Bennett, Cape Fear Equality, Board Member

Kevin Benson , Whitworth University Class of 2000, Senior Adjunct Professor

Melissa Berkey-Gerard, Eastern University, Princeton Theological Seminary, Alum

Katherine Walker Bernard

Katherine Bernard, Whitworth University Open Conversations: GSA, Acting President

Ted Bernard, Catholic

Michelle Bess

Daniel Betts

Claire A. Beutler-Cruise, United Church of Christ

Judy Biller, St. Johns Episcopal Cathedral, member

Sharon Billings, Wheaton College, Azusa Pacific University Alum

Joseph P H Black, Whitworth University Alum 1960, Interim President 1987

Stephen Black, Whitworth Alum 1980

Taylor J. Blake, alum Whitworth University

Shelby Blake, Whitworth University , Student

Octavio Blanco, Whitworth University, student

Josh Bledsoe

Laura Bloxham, Whitworth University, Professor of English

Amanda Blunt, Whitworth University alum 2012, 2012

Michael Bolin, Retired Professor , Retired Professor

Kaylin Bolt, Christian Reformed Church

Tina Bolt

Ben Bonnema, Whitworth Alum 2010

Sarah Boonstra, Hope College Alum , 1989

Thelma Boonstra, Calvin College, Alum 1957

Joanne Booy, Calvin College Grad

Jason Booy, Christian Reformed Church, Member

Miriam Booy, Trinity Western University, Graduate

Lynn Boren, Member, Christian Church , (Disciples of Christ)

Brittany Boring, Whitworth student

Rebecca Bosslet, Calvin College, Class of 2013

Janet Boswell, Wheaton College class of ’83

Justin Botejue

Sharon Bowes, Council member of EEWC-Christian Feminism Today

Margaret Boyce

Erika Boyd, Whitworth University, Political Science student

Courtney Boyer

Nathan Boyer

Sophie Boyer

Nicole J Boymook , Whitworth University, Assistant Dean for Off-Campus Students and Student Success

Lindsay Bradford-Ewart, Anglican, Youth/Children’s Minister

Sharon Bradimore, Anglican, Spiritual Director

Abbey Bradley, Michigan State University

Jennifer Bradley, Eastern University, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Palmer), Alum

Barbara Brandt, EEWC-Christian Feminism Today

Barbara Branum, EEWC, member

Dave Brauer-Rieke, Oregon Synod – ELCA, Bishop

Lora Braun

Cakky Braun-Evans, First United Church of Germantown Philadelphia, PA, Member

Suzanne Bray

Linda Brebner, Christian Feminism Today, member and past council member

Laura Brenneman, Advocate BroMenn Medical Center, Chaplain resident

Rebekah Bresee, Whitworth University student

Christine M. Brischle, Youth Development Professional

Vivian Brocato, Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate Student

Sarah Brody

Joan Broeckling, Unity, ordained Peace Minister, the Beloved Community

Molly Brooks, Eastern University alum 2011

Ira Broome

Jennifer Stafford Brown, Whitworth University, Professor of French

Caleb Brown, Whitworth student

Ellen Brown

Dave Brown, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Whitworth class of 1976, Pastor

Katie Brown

Nicholas Brownlee , Whitworth alum 1997

Sarah Morice Brubaker , Phillips Theological Seminary Tulsa, OK, Assistant Professor of Theology

Walter Brueggemann , Columbia Theological Seminary, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament

Michelle Bruhn, Germantown Mennonite Church, Facilities Administrator

Patricia Bruininks, Whitworth University, Associate Professor of Psychology

Crystal Rose Bryan, Whitworth alum 2006

Geoffrey Buchman, Wheaton College, alumnus, Class of 81

Sean Buckley

Joel Buffum, Whitworth alum

Kelsey Bumgarner, Whitworth University, Student, Staff

Denise Burningham, Whitworth Alum 2005

Grace Pritchard Burson, Church of the Holy Spirit Episcopal Diocese of New Hampshire, Rector

Miriam Bush, Room for All (RCA)

Jean Bussell, Methodist, By Tradition

McCayla Joan Butler

Joe Butler

Rae Buzzell, Salem Lutheran church, Member

Chris Caldwell

Ron Calhoon, Equal equality, raised Southern Baptist

Cathy Calhoon, We are all God’s children, Presbyterian

Peggy Campolo, Red Letter Christian

Melanie Carosi, University of Pittsburgh, Admissions Processor

Francisco Carson

Donna Carter

Barbara Carvill

Rachel Casebolt

Elijah Casteel, Whitworth University

Andrea CastroLang, Westminster Congregational United Church of Christ, Senior Pastor

Sean Champoux, Whitworth student

John Chapin, All One Body, Board Secretary

Kendra Kimball Chapman, BA Whitworth College 2001, MM Oklahoma City University 2008

Tammy Charboneau, Whitworth University, parent

WmWells Charles, Saint Sophia Seminary, Rector

Holy Chea

Caroline Cherry, Eastern University, Professor Emerita of English

Lee Chesnut

Su Chism, Whitworth staff (23 years)

Jocelyn Chrisley

Lauren Christensen, Whitworth student

Zanovia Sharneta Leslie Clark

Aric Clark, United Presbyterian Church of Fort Morgan, CO, Pastor

Philip Clements, PC(USA), Elder

Joshua Cleveland, Whitworth University, Class of ’01 and staff member

Joel Clough

Kathryn Cole, Student Whitworth University

Kelsie Cole

Janneke Cole

Danny Coleman, Earlham School of Religion, Student

Catherine Cook, Whitworth University, Class of 2012

Elizabeth Cook, Whitworth University, Class of 2014

Philip Coons

Kelly Cooper, Whitworth University, 1998 Alum

Benjamin Corey, Patheos, Author

Joey Corry, Whitworth University, Class of 2015

Linda Cousins, St. George’s Anglican, Parishioner

jody cox, abilene christian university, graduate

Chuck Cramer

Sarah Crecelius, Whitworth Alum 2005

Landon Crecelius, Whitworth Staff, Whitworth Alum

Barbara Eide Crittenden, Parent of Whitworth University students

sam crum, the river church, pastor

Kasey Culmback , Whitworth University, Program Coordinator for Center for Service-Learning

Lindsay Culver, Whitworth University ’14

Samantha Curley, Level Ground, Executive Director; Fuller Seminary alum

Jolyn Dahlvig, Whitworth University, Associate Dean of Students

Chris Dahlvig, Whitworth University , Continuing Studies Adjunct Professor, Whitworth alum ’99

Beverly Dale, Incarnation Institute for Sex and Faith

Emily Dause, Messiah College, Alumni

Karina Dautenhahn

Bree Davidson, Whitworth University Class of 1998

B Davidson

Melanie Davis, PhD, Somerville NJ

Jim Davis, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, member

Tammerie Day, Roots of Justice, Co-Chair, Accountability Council

Megan DeFranza, Gordon College, Adjunct faculty

Marie-Ann deGroot

Marie-Ann deGroot, Christian Reformed Church, Member

Mike Denton, Pacific Northwest Conference, United Church of Christ, Conference Minister

Michelle Dettmann, United Church of Christ, church member

Meredith Devey, Whitworth University staff, Vanguard University alum 2003

William C. DeVries, pastor emeritus, CRCNA

Lisa DeWeese

Thomas Dibble, United Reformed Church Somerville New Jersey, Elder

Sarah Dice, Whitworth University, Student

Jane Dickie, Room for All — seeking the full inclusion of LGBTQ people in the Reformed Church in America, Board Member

Gregory Dill

Beth Dillon, Gonzaga University School of Law, 2015

Elsa C. Distelhorst, Whitworth University staff (25 years), retired , parent of alum

Nathan Alumni Distelhorst , class of 1999

Elise Page Dixon, Alum 2010

Jana Dluehosh, Christ Church Portland, Member

Richard Dodd, University of Maryland, Alum

Ryan Donahoe, Whitworth alum 2000

Katherine Donnan, Livingston United Methodist, Member

Colleen Douglas, Whitworth University, Student

Calenthia S. Dowdy, Eastern University Associate Professor, former Instructor at Messiah College

Joyce Draving, Calvin College, Student

Jill K. Drowne, Mesa Public Schools

Emily Dufault, Whitworth Alum 2010

Denise Dugan, Saint Andrew Christian Church, Olathe, KS, Minister to Children & Families

Lisa Dugger

Jim Duke, St Lukes, Parishoner

Eric Dull, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church

Catherine Dunkin, supporter, we sponsor four children

Erica Dykgraaf Kochaney, Aquinas College; Western Michigan University, Alumna

Kari Dykhouse

Rebecca Dykhuis, RCA, Elder

Mathew Eardley, Whitworth University, Alum

Marvin Eckfeldt, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Retired clergy

Stephen Eddins, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Alumnus

Tom Eggebeen, Presbyterian ( PCUSA) Minister, Retired

Anne Eggebroten, Calif. State Univ. Northridge, EEWC-CFT

Martin Eldred, Joy Lutheran Church (ELCA), Eagle River, Alaska, Pastor

William R. Ellis Jr, Dean of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral

Melba Ellis-Johnson

Ashley Ellsworth

Frank Emanuel, Saint Paul University/Freedom Vineyard, Sessional Professor/Pastor

Rebecca Eng, Student Whitworth University

Mitch Carver English, Class of ’09 MIT, Class of ’10

Marty Erb, Whitworth University, English Department retired faculty

Ronald Erkert

Andrew Esqueda Whitworth ’08, M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary

Roberta Eyler, University of Pennsylvania, Whitworth University Graduate

Linda Fagan, MD

Julie Fann, wheaton alum

Douglas Farmer, Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy, Chaplain

Hunter Faulkner

Breanna Feddes, Whitworth alum

Daniel Fee, Ph.D., CRC, Mental Health Advocates, Oakland, CA

Jennifer Fees

Keiko Feldman, Wheaton College, Alumni

Jessica Felicijan

Veronica Fetzer, Whitworth Student

Gail Fielding

Reta Finger

James Fisher, Cathedral Of Hope, Member

Linda Forbes, ECC, North Park Theological Seminary Graduate

Elise Forman, Whitworth University, Staff

michelle foster

Carol Francisco

Dennis Frank, Roosevelt University, Associate Professor

Ron Frase, Whitworth University, Chaplain, emeritus

Marianne Frase, Mead School District, Early childhood teacher, emerita

Hillary Frazey

James Frazier, St. Andrew Christian Church – Olathe, KS, Founding Member

Tisha Leslie Freer, Whitworth alum 1993

Maria Colacurcio Frei , Whitworth Alum 1998

Megan French Whitworth alum

Jeremy Fretts, Calvary Baptist Church, member

David Friesen, Seattle Pacific University , alum 1980

Kendel Froese

Carol Fullmer, Whitworth University, Adjunct instructor

Tiffany Fulmer

David Funck , Wheaton College alum

Samantha Keenan Gaerte , Whitworth University alum 2012

Claudia Gallagher, Whitworth University, staff

April Gallagher, Whitworth University alum

Janet Gallagher, Christian, Follower of Jesus

Hannah L. Gamiel, Whitworth University Class of 2015

Jessica Gann

Janice Gard

Jan Gardner, St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church, Mission Chair

Zenique E Gardner, Freelance Writer; Eastern University alum ’11

Brian Gardner, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Member

Curtis Gatley, Whitworth University, Student

Brie Geffre, Whitworth University, Student

Susan Gerber, Germantown Mennonite Church

Emily Gerhard, Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, Whitworth alumni, 2011

Tiffany Moler Gerl , Whitworth class of 2003

River Gibbs

Gypsy Meadows Gibbs

Sierra Shae Gibbs

Justin Gibson

Rebecca Lauren Gidjunis, Eastern University, Lecturer in English

Justin Gil, Whitworth University, Alum 2005

Marion Gilbertson

Jack Giles, Pilrim Congrgational UCC, Member

Jill Gill, Alumna of Whitworth University ‘86, Professor of History

Nina Gill, Whitworth University, Alumni

David Gillespie, Columbia International University & Reformed Theological Seminary, alumnus

Jan Gilmour

Kathryn J. Gilsdorf, Whitworth University, Graduate Assistant

Ben Gilsdorf , East Valley School District, 3rd grade teacher, Whitworth Alumni 2011

Thomas T. Glasser

Kevin Gleim, Whtiworth student

Kevin Glover, Whitworth University

Andrea Glover, The University of Edinburgh, Graduate student

Olivia Godt

Emily Golan, Whitworth alum 2013

Jacqueline Goldman, University of Oklahoma, Graduate Student

Lulu Gonzalez, Whitworth staff

Greg Gough, BE Group, Co-Director

Devin Goulding, OneWheaton, At Large Board Member

Carolyn Gowdy

Jill Graham, Whitworth alum 2011

Jennifer Grant, Wheaton College ’89, Writer

Dorwin Gray

Anna Gray, Whitworth, Alum

Carissa A. Greenberg, Whitworth University alum 2006, Attorney

Virgil Griepp, Retired Presbyterian executive, former Public Relations Director, Whitworth U.

Sharon L Griepp, Presbyterian Elder

Margaret Griffioen-Drenth, Campus Ministry, Christian Reformed Church in North America, Admin. Coordinator

Carl Gritter, Community CRC of Meadowvale, Member

Steve Gross

Kristina Grossman, Whitworth University, Class of 2014

Kelly Grossman, Texas Christian University, Class of 2012

Adam Groves, Wheaton College alum, 1999

Linda Gruber , United Church of Christ

Daniel Gubitz, Whitworth

Gabe Gunnink, Christian Reformed Church

Jodi Gustafson, Luther Seminary, Master of Sacred Music, 2001

Michelle Schellinger Gutierrez, Eastern University, Social Work student 2015

Marc A. Hafso

Lisa Hafso, Whitworth student

Krysten Hafso-Koopmann, Whitworth class of 07

Douglas Hagler, Presbyterian Church (USA), Minister of Word and Sacrament, Commission Chair

Gregory Halzen, Nazarene Congregational United Church of Christ, Member

Sara Hamby, College in South Carolina, Instructor

Michael Hamilton, St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, Organist

Leslie Hammer, Asbury United Methodist Church in Livermore, CA, member

Morgan Hamrick, Whitworth, Student

Markie Hancock, Wheaton college Alum 1981, Filmmaker

Danielle Hand, Alum Whitworth University

Scott Hankins, The Episcopal Church, Priest

Deborah Hansen, Whitworth University Associate Professor of Music, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Director of Music

Timothy Hansen

Jeanne Hanson, Christian

Alison Hardman

Anthony Harkness, St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church

John Harlow, Whitworth University, Alum

Jessica A. Harren, Capron Lutheran Church Pastor, Board Member, The Young Clergy Women’s Project

Michael Harri

Madeline Harris

Stephayne Harris, Concord community church, Member,past elder

Christopher Harris, Elder, PC(USA)

Corinne Hartenstein , UCC, Youth Group Leader

Jonathan Harwell, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, Former Missionary

Deborah Hasdorff, Parkview United Church of Christ, pastor

John Hauck, Whitworth University, Alumnus 2005

Ryan Hawk, Whitworth alum

Loril Hawk, Presbyterian Church USA, Teaching Elder

Crystal Hayes, Whitworth Alum 2004

Maren Haynes, Whitworth Alum 2006

Abigail Hazlett

Abigail Heath

Robin Heath

Rebecca Hedges Lyon

Robert Heikkila

Teresa Hegg

Katharine Rhodes Henderson, Auburn Seminary, President

Stephen Henderson, Wheaton College alum 1979

Chaz Henderson, Pilgrim Congregational Church UCC, 18 year member, former head usher, member of Board of Mission Empowerment, two term member of Board of Diaconate

Stephanie Hendricks, Whitworth alum 2011

Rebecca Hendrickson, Whitworth University alum 2002 (BA), University of Chicago alum 2007

Michelle Henrichs, McCormick Theological Seminart, Alum 2013

Celeste Henricksen, Western Governors University, Student

Marg Herder

Kelsey Herman, Whitworth, Student

Eloy Hernandez, Society of Friends, Member

Tim Herron, Act Six Founder, President Degrees of Change

E Hickman, American Baptist, member

John Hicks

Amber Higdon Lobaugh

Stephanie Hill, Wheaton College, B.A. 1978 (OneWheaton supporter)

Nancy Hill, Eastern University, ’87, ’01

Victoria Hiller, Whitworth alum Class of 2008

Mary Himmer, Mennonite, Parishioner

Megan Hinzdel, Whitworth student

Hannah Leigh Hirano, student.

Camina Hirota, Whitworth student

Lisa Ho, Ohio Wesleyan University, Associate Chaplain

Thomas B. Hoeksema Sr., Calvin College, Professor of Education emeritus, Calvin College alum 1968

Kelsey Hofer, Eastern University alum and Staff

Jeffrey Hoffman, Bob Jones Academy, BA Music Manhattan School of Music

Coleen Hogan

Devin Hogg, Guelph Campus Ministry , Member

Andrew Hogue, Baylor University, Department of Political Science

Joyce Hohengarten

noel hoklin, non denominational, member

Doris Holdaway, United Church of Christ, Member

Samuel Holland, Whitworth University

Kristine Holmberg-Lennemann, Whitworth Staff

Jenelle Holmes, Whitworth University ’06, MDiv candidate at Candler School of Theology Emory University

Christopher T. Holmes, Whitworth University alum (2006)

Kristiana Holmes Staff Director of Health Services

Jenni Holsinger, former Whitworth faculty, now at Eastern Mennonite University

Jenni Holsinger, former Whitworth faculty, now at Eastern Mennonite University

Sharon Homer-Drummond, Wheaton College Ph.D. Interpersonal Communications

Mollie McComb Horne , Whitworth University alum 2010

Timothy Hornor, Whitworth University alum 1997, WorldVision sponsor for many years

Molly Hough

Orie House, ELCA, Parishoner – World Vision Fundraiser

Andria Howes

Leslie Huff, Opportunity Presbyterian Church, Member

Donald L Huizinga, Christian Reformed Church, member

Melle Huizinga, Calvin College alum 64 Christian Reformed Church

Dolores Huizinga , Christian Reformed church elder ret. ESL teacher

Elizabeth Humphrey, The Christianity that represents love

Jennifer Marshall Hunt, Whitworth alum class of 2002

Olivia Hunt, WHITWORTH UNIVERSITY, student

Pixote Hunt

Peggy Hunt

Susan Hunt, Teacher/Missouri

Jacob Hunter, Whitworth University, student

Nathan Hunter, Whitworth University, student

Emily Hutchens

Emmalena Huyer, University of Guelph, Member of the CRC

Andrea Idso, Whitworth University, 2012 alumna

Sharon Isaacson

Meredith Jackson, Union Avenue Christian Church (DOC) and the United Church of Christ, Minister

Martin Jacobson, St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church, Vestry

Shannon James Kozlovich, Whitworth University, Student

Katie Jensen, Whitworth University , Student

Amy Jensen , University of Southern California doctoral student, OneWheaton member, Wheaton alumna, 2008

Andrea Johns, Whitworth University, Graduate: class of 2000

William Stacy Johnson, Princeton Theological Seminary, Professor of Theology, Chair Religion and Society Program

Steve Johnson, Slingerlands UMC, Communicant

Daniel Johnson, United Methodist Church, Lay leader

Sarah Johnson Anders

Marj Johnston, United Church of Christ, Pastor

Grace Joldersma, Eastern Avenue Christian Reformed Church, Elder, All One Body (Board member and co-founder)

Benjamin Jones, Whitworth alum

Dayna Jones, Whitworth university, Supporter

Jim Jones

Julee Jones

Kate Jones

Mark Jones, Moody Bible Institute Alum

Arthur E. Jongsma Jr., Calvin College alum ’65, Clinical Psychologist

Alex K.

Erika Renee Hermann Kahler, Whitworth alum 1996

Ron Kaiser

Jennifer Kane, Eastern University alum 2011

Michael & Audrey Kane

Hierald Kane-Osorto, Luther Place Memorial Church, Member

Ann Kansfield, Greenpoint Reformed Church, Pastor

Jordan Karnes, Whitworth alum 2006

Katherine Karr-Cornejo, Whitworth University, Assistant Professor, Spanish

Lori Keen, Christian Reformed Church, Member

Calvin Keen, Calvin College, Staff

Rev Cari Keith, Guild for Spiritual Guidance, Graduate program coordinator

Timothy Kelley

Ben Kelly, Eastern University Alum 2009, former World Vision US employee

Heather Kelly

Stacy Keogh

Ted Ketcham, Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church, Member

Diane Ketcham, Whitworth Community Presbyterian Church, Member

Karen Kidd, California Chapter Representative, EEWC-CFT

Kristina Kielbon, Whitworth University Political Science Dept, Whitworth University ’09

Brooke Kiener

Hanna Kim, Whitworth University

Hannah Kimball, Whitworth College Alum 2006 and 2011

Norilee Kimball, Mother of three Whitworth graduates: Kendra Kimball Chapman, Hannah Kimball, Juliann Kimball Bryant

Kent Kimball, father of three Whitworth alum

Juliann Kimball-Bryant

Michael Kimball-Bryant, Whitworth alumn 2009

Bret Kincaid

Michael Kirkpatrick

Von Klohe

Nicholas Kmet, Whitworth alum 2013

Ryan Knight, Whitworth University , Alumnus

Jessica Knippel, Seattle Pacific U 2002, Seattle School for Theology & Psychology 2008, alum Fuller Theological Seminary 2013 alum and TA, Writer for Reel Spirituality at the Brehm’s center

Rachel Knowles, Disciples of Christ, church member

Alice Knox, Whitworth, Alum

Rev. Harry Knox , Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, President and CEO

Jessica Knuth, Whitworth University, Alumni

Tricia Dykers Koenig, Forest Hill Church, Presbyterian

Ellie Kok, Whitworth alum

Aaron Korthuis, Whitworth alum 2012

Chris Kozelle, Methodist

Grossman Kristina, Whitworth University, Class of 2014

Rachel Krohn, Presbyterian Church USA, Assistant Worship Director

Brenda Kronemeijer-Heyink, Christian Reformed Church

David Krueger, Arch Street United Methodist Church, Ordained Deacon

Ellen Krusi, Presbyterian Church USA, member

Harry Kueh

Tory Kuepper, The Iliff School of Theology, student

Scott Kuhle

Catherine Kuhlmann

Moira McGuire Kulik Esq., Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research ’16, Temple University Beasley School of Law ’06

Courtney Kuntz, Eastern University

Julie Kurtz, Aldrich Avenue Presbyterian Church, Deacon

Jolene Labbe

Sarah Elizabeth Lackenbauer, Whitworth Alum 2013

Corbin Lambeth

Laurie Lamon

Colten Larsen, LGBT Whitworth student 2014

Kim Larsen, Wayside United Church of Christ, Open & Affirming Representative

Sarah Eels Larson, Whitworth alum 1997

Martha Larson, Eastern University Alum 2011

Katy Latimer, alum of Wheaton College (IL) and Taylor University (IN)

James Lavoy, Moravian Church, pastor

Scott Lawler

Angela Lawson

Cuong Le

Emily Leddige, Whitworth University, Student

Brooke Ellis Ledeboer, Whitworth alum, 2003

Kathryn A. Lee, Whitworth University, Professor of Political Science

Dwain Lee, Worthington Presbyterian Church, Pastor for Congregational Care and Youth

Yegyu Lee , Whitworth student

Christian Legaspi, Whitworth alum 2010

Sandra Lehr, Eastern University, Alum 1994

Andrea Leksen, Whitworth alum 2000

Kathryn LePard, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Pastor

Laura Lesche, Wheaton College , Alumna and Ally

Rob Leslie, Whitworth alum 1999

Hannah LeTourneau, student Whitworth

Virginia Lettinga, Christan Reformed Camous Ministry, Retired

Joseph Leverich

Jack Levison

Allison Lewis

Rebecca Ligtenberg

Shelby Limburg, Whitworth University, Student

Michael Lindahl, Whtiworth student

David Lindstrom

Tina Lips, Sisu Counseling Services, Owner

Aaron Little, The Gay Christian Network, Director of Communications

Aaron Lobaugh , Jesus Follower

Ladislao Loera

Preston Loomer, Whitworth University, 2013 Alumnus

Nancy Loomis

Luis Lopez, Whitworth University alum

Esther Louie , Whitworth University, Assistant Dean Intercultural Student Affairs

Brenda Lovick, ELCA pastor

Marcia Luhn

Donald Luidens, Hope College, Professor of Sociology

Ashton Lupton, Whitworth University student

Peegy Lupton, Whitworth University

Luke Lusk, Wheaton College Alumnus, Licensed Professional Counselor

Luan Ly

Patricia MacDonald, Whitworth University, Professor Emeritus Psychology

Rebecca MacDougall

Joan Mach

Lauren Michelle Major, Whitworth University, Alumni 2012

Lauren Michelle Major, Whitworth University, Alumni 2012

Juanita Maniscalco, Montgomery County Community College, Finance Department

Rachel Mariner, Wheaton College, BA, magna cum laude, Philosophy 1989

Criselda Marquez

Gay Married, World Vision, Employee

Danielle Marse-Kapr

Marvin A. Marsh, First Baptist Church of Pottstown PA, Senior Pastor

Robin Marshall, Bisexual, Christian daughter of world vision employee

Rick Martin

Andrea Mason, Whitworth University Alum 2010

Steve Masters

Tiare Mathison, Wallingford Presbyterian church, PASTOR

Tiare Mathison , Wallingford Presbyterian Church, Pastor

Robin Mavis, New Brighton United Church of Christ, Member

Mark Mayers, Spokane Tribal College, Liason

Fran Mayes, Reverend

Ronnie Mc

Joan Mc

Holly McCammon, Whitworth alum

Lara McClintock

Whitney Lee McClure, Whitworth alum Class of 2012

Christy McCoy

Joan McCoy, Episcopalian, past contributor

Hollie McCrea, Whitworth University, 2012 Alumna

Megan McDermott, Susquehanna University , Senior Majoring in Religious Studies

Darren McDonald, Westmont College (BA, 2002) & Fuller Theological Seminary (M.Div., 2006), Alum

Amy McDonald, PCUSA elder/Whitworth alum

Jeremy McElroy

Wendi Story McFarland, whitworth alum 1996

Robert McGinty, Ph.D., Eastern Washington University, Emeritus Professor

Danielle McGuffin, Whitworth Alum

Robert McGuire, Catholic Church, member

Chelsea McInturff, Executive Director Level Ground; Co-Founder OneTable, Messiah College alum 2010

Jenn McIntyre, Wycliffe College, Student

Rachel McKay, Whitworth University, Student

Brad McKerihan, Whitworth University staff/faculty (1998-2004)

Brian McLaren, Christian pastor, author, activist and speaker

Alex Patchin McNeill, More Light Presbyterians, Executive Director

James McPherson, Whitworth University, Professor Communication Studies

Jessica Mecellem, Whitworth alum

Camille Medema

Rachel Medema Haxtema, Calvin College ’01, Graduate Theological Union and San Francisco Theological Seminary ’10, member and approved for ordination in the United Church of Christ

Joseph Medwid, Gordon College, Alumnus

Brittany Mellinger, Eastern University, Alum, 2010

Wendy L. Mercier, Eastern University, Associate Professor of Exercise Science and Nursing

Annie Merriman, Whitworth University, Harvard University, Alumnus 2012, 2013

Robert Merriman, Parent of 2 Whitworth University Alumni, Presbyterian

Suzanne Meunch, MSS, LCSW-Eastern University alum

Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, Christian Reformed Church in North America, Member and Staff

Carolyn Meyer

Hailee Meyers, Whitworth student

Lauren Miler, Whitworth student

Matthew Milkinson, Whitworth student

Nicole Miller, Whitworth University alum 2002

Kira Miller, Whitworth University Class of 2015.

Daniel Miller, Calvin College, Class of 2007

Monica Miller

Lauren Miller

Charles Miller

Madisen Miller, University of Arizona, Student

Annie Miller, Whitworth University; Fuller Seminary School of Psychology, Alumni 2003/2006

Lynn Miller

Ryan Miller, Branches Church, Pastor

Hannah Mills, Eastern University Class of 2012, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Amelia Mills, Whitworth University , Alum 2012

Terry Rayburn Mitchell

Melanie Springer Mock, George Fox University, Professor

Marty Molengraaf, Multi Faith Resource Team, University of Guelph

Linda Moll Douglas , Wheaton College Alumna 1983, One Wheaton ally

Fr David Montgomery, The Church of St Augustine of Canterbury (Toronto), Anglican Church of Canada, Parish Priest

Cameron Montgomery

Katie Moon, Whitworth alum 2013

Thom Mooney

Sally Moore, Whitworth, Alum

Barbara Moore

Elizabeth Morgan, Eastern University, Emerita Professor of English

Julie Morgan, Eastern University, Professor, Communication Studies

Ron Morgan, Eastern University, Alum, Adjunct Faculty

Sara Morrill, Whitworth University, 2014 Alum

Sara Morrill, Whitworth University , 2014 Alum

Rachel Morris, Whitworth University Alum 2011

Cynthia Morrison Stevens, Whitworth, alum

Samantha Morrow Stimpert

Sheryl Rice Mulder, member of the Christian Reformed Church

Leah Mulhearn, Eastern University, Class of 2003

Shannon Mullican, Pacific School of Religion, Student

Barbara Murphy, Elder, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Pam Murphy

Jan Murray, Whitworth University, former Health Center staff

David Myers, Hope College, Professor of Psychology

Jen Nagel, Salem English Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, Pastor

Linda Naranjo-Huebl, Calvin College , Associate Professor of English

Hannah Neill, Whitworth University, Alumni

Alex Nelson, Whitworth alum 2008

Jeff Nelson, Redford Aldersgate UMC, Pastor

Rev. Dr. Julie Nemecek, PCUSA, Elder

Clairnel Nervik, Peace United Church of Christ, Hartsburg, Missouri, Pastor

Corey Newman

Stephanee Newman

Trish Newton, The Cathdral of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church, member

Ann Niday

David Nienhuis, Seattle Pacific University, Associate Professor of New Testament Studies

Laura Nile, Seattle Pacific University, Student

Molly Nissen, Whitworth alum 2006, Digital Marketing Manager

Lynn Noland, Whitworth University, Administrative Staff

Anne Marie Noll, Student

Teresa Norlin

Justin Normand, New Brunswick Bible Institute, Former student

Laura Norvell

Lauren NuDelman

Paige Kelley Numata

Albrecht Nyce, OSB, Glastonbury Abbey, Benedictine Monk

Hayley O’Brien, Whitworth University, student

Leonard Oakland, Whitworth University, Professor of English

Debra Offill

Nneka Ifeoma Ofulue

Rick Ogle

Gbolahan Olarewaju, University of Guelph, Coordinator, International and Multi-Faith Programs

Delsey Olds, Whitworth University, Alum, 2008

Kari Olson, Princeton Theological Seminar M.Div Student, Whitworth University alum 2011

Heidi Olson

Leslie Danielson Olson, Wheaton College, Alumnus 1995

Cara Oosterhouse, Calvin alum 1990

Hannah Orando, Whitworth University alum

Valerie Oren Stewart, Lutheran (ELCA), former employee spouse

Delia Orosco, Whitworth Alum 07 , Act Six Scholar Cadre 1

Darleen Ortega

Arlynne Ostlund, CFT-EEWC

Kate M. Ott, Drew University Theological School, PhD Assistant Professor of Christian Social Ethics

David Overstreet, Whitworth University, Art Dept

Linda OWens, Presbyterian Church (USA), Pastor

stefanie owens

stefanie owens

Brianne Ozaki, Whitworth Alumi

thomas ozinga, calvin college , professor of communication, emeritus

Marilyn Paarlberg, Room for All, Reformed Church in America, Executive Director

Ellen Dollar Painter , Patheos, Progressive Christian author and blogger

Nick Palacios, Fuller Theological Seminary Class 2014, President of OneTable Fuller

James Palmer

Lauren Pangborn, Whitworth University student

Jordan Talley Paris, Whitworth alum 2003

Pamela Corpron Parker

Rob Parker, Whitworth University, 1981 Alum

Tricia Partlow, OneWheaton, Member

Antonia Rafaela Patten, Whitworth student

Wes Patterson, New Direction Ministries

George Patton, St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church

Ted Paulson

Stephen Pawley

Andrew Pearce, Covenant Denomination

Jack Pearson, Ottertunity, Inc., President and CEO

Christian Peccora, Memorial Church of Harvard University

Katelyn Peer, George Fox University alum

Molly Peitzman, Whitworth University, Student

John Pell , Whitworth University, Assistant Professor of English

Noah Peller, Whitworth alum, former Residence Assistant

Brett Hilary Wright Peralta, Whitworth alum

Jeffrey Perkins, University of the Cumberland ’89, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary ’93, The Volunteer Ministry Center, Alum, Chaplain

Rachel Perry, Eastern University, Alumnus, 2002

Kristin Peterson, Whitworth alum 2001

Dwight N. Peterson, Eastern University, Professor Emeritus of New Testament

Eric Peterson, Colbert Presbyterian Church, Alumnus, class of 1985

Michelle Phillips, Whitworth University, Class of ’17

David Piper

Amy Plantinga Pauw, Louisville Presbyterian Seminary

Finn Pond, Whitworth University, Professor of Biology

Rachael Powell, ELCA, Pastor

Ellie Powers, Whitworth, alum

James Pratt, St Philip’s Anglican Church, Montréal-Ouest, Québec, Rector

Mark Pratt-Russum, West Hills Friends Church , Youth Pastor

Glenn Pressel

Teresa Preston, Grace Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA, Member

Susan Preuninger, PC(USA), Elder

Bruce Preuninger, PCUSA, Elder

Cindy Price

Samantha Pridemore, Whitworth student

Timothy Primeaux

Christian Przybylek, Eastern University, Alum

Larry Pullen, Strayer University, Adjunct Professor of Humanities

Obe Quarless

Danjuma Quarless

Ana Quiring, Whitworth University student

The Rev. Mark R. Collins, Church of the Holy Trinity, Manhattan, Pastor

Scotia Rambo

Erica Ramos-Thompson, Whitworth University, Student

Celisse Randolph, Eastern Nazarene College, Resident Director

Beth Rapson, Trinity Episcopal Church – Iowa City, IA, active church member

Terry Rayburn-Mitchell, Whitworth University, Senior Editor, Office of Communications

Rosemary Raynaud

Randy Reade, Zipzone ltd., President

Laura J. Reber, Whitworth University, Training Manager, Whitworth University alum 1995 & 2003

Wendy Worrall Redal, Seattle Pacific University, 1983 alum

Andrea Rediger, Taylor University; PC(USA), Alum 1998; member

Erika Reese

Patrick Reeves, United Methodist Church, Member

Michael Regele, PC(USA), Teaching Elder

Debra Regele, PC(USA), Member

Tammy R. Reid, Whitworth University, Prof. Emeritus

Nathan Reid

Amber Reif, Eastern University , Alum ’08

Felicia Reilly, Whitworth alum 2003

Katelyn Hackett Reilly, Whitworth alum

Michelle Reyf

Bree Reynolds, Gonzaga University, Alumni

The Rev. Gail Ricciuti

Gail Ricciuti, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Associate Professor of Homiletics

Rod Rice, St Edwards University, Alumni

Rodger Rice, Calvin College, retired professor

Bob Riggs, Group Health Physicians, Physician

David Rikard, Christian and United Methodist

Matthew Rindge, Gonzaga University, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

Brittany Roach, Whitworth alum 2012

Michelle Voss Roberts, Wake Forest University School of Divinity, Theology Professor

Kellie Roberts, Whitworth alum

Linda Robertson, Overlake Christian Church, Redmond, WA, Leader of HIV/AIDS Local Outreach & Affirming Hope LifeGroup

Danielle Robillard, Eastern University, Alum

Danielle Robillard , Eastern University alum

Ian Robins , Whitworth University Class of 2015

Emily Robinson, Whitworth, Alum, 2005

Nancy Rock, RCA member

Jean Rodenbough , Reverend PCUSA

Melissa McConnell Rogers, Whitworth University Psychology Professor, Oklahoma Baptist University alum 2003

Jennifer Rojas, Whitworth University, Student

Marisol Rosado

cassie rosch, World Vision, Previous Intern

Chelsea Rowan, Whitworth, Alum

Bronwen Rowe

Heidi Erven Rowley

Natasha Rulason

Michelle Rusk, Whitworth alum

Rose Ryon

Erica Salkin, Whitworth University, Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

James Salt, Catholics United, Executive Director

Jennifer Sampson

John (Jay) Sanders, OneWheaton, Alum; Member

Catherine Sanders

Dice Sarah, Whitworth University, Student

Sarah Sarver, Oklahoma City University, faculty

Bruce Sarver

Jeremiah Sataraka, Whitworth University Resident Director, Whitworth University alum 2009

Penelope Sawyer, Eastern University, 1998 Alum

Letha Dawson Scanzoni, author, former editor EEWC-Christian Feminism Today

Anjel Scarborough, The Episcopal Church, Priest

Frank Scarpaci

Kiley Schatz, Whtiworth alum 2013

Richard Schatz, Whitworth University, Spokane, WA USA, Emeritus Professor of Economics

Oliver Schaus, Student Whitworth University

Rev. Erica L. Schemper, Co-Chair Young Clergy Women Project, St. Olaf College ’99; Calvin Theological Seminary ’03

Colleen Schilperoort, United Methodist, Member

Signe Schilperoort, Whitworth University, Alum

Katy Schlahta

Jack Schlehuber, Elca, Member

Susan Schmalzbauer, OneWheaton, Wheaton College alumna ’91

Thomas Schmidt, Country Homes Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Member, Elder

Sarah Schmidt-Lee, Member-at-Large of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan, Regent College ’06

Tanner E. Scholten , Whitworth University Class of 2015

Calli Schroeder, University of Colorado Law Student class of 2016, Whitworth University Alum 2010

Russell Schulz, Seminary of the Southwest, Prof. Em.

Jamie Scotti Everett, Graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary

David Seamon, private citizen, see above

Tirra Seely, Whitworth University, Student

Leland Seese, Mount Baker Park Presbyterian Church, Pastor

Nada Sellers, UCC, Minister

Brian Sellers Petersen, World Vision, Former staff

Kevin Seybold, Grove City, Pennsylvania

Mary Bear Shannon, Whitworth ’88, Member United Methodist Church of Germantown

Molly Shannon

Janet Shannon, Westminster United Church of Christ, Assistant Pastor

Cameron Sharp, United Church of Christ, Ordained Clergy and Member

Tobin Miller Shearer

Nicole Sheets, Whitworth University, Assistant Professor English

Carlos Shelton, Vineyard , Former leadership committee member to new church plant

Jill Shepherd, Wheaton College, Alumnus

Jessica Shill, Seattle University alum 2013

Jessica Shirley, Whitworth University Class of 2012

Jonathan Shuffield

Paul Shumway, Wheaton College, Alumnus

Alexandra Siefe

Andriana Siefe, Whitworth University student

Dick Silk, Whitworth University, 1960 graduate

Maery Simmons, Whitworth university alum 2012

W. Jay Simmons II, Whitworth University alum

Bernard Siregar, City University of New York, Student

Kelli Sittser, Whitworth Univeristy Alum, PC(USA) Deacon

Ashton Skinner, Whitworth student

Janine Skinner, Whitworth University, Parent

Sammy Skinner, Whitworth University, Student

Helene Slessarev, Claremont School of Theology, Mildred M. Hutchinson Professor of Urban Ministry

Kari Smith, Whitworth student

Rhylee Smith

Samantha Smith, Whitworth University, Alumni 2013

Coleen Smith

Jeanine Smith

Loretta Smith

Jude Smithey, Germantown Menno Church, Member of Germantown Mennonite Church

Krista Sneller, Calvin College Alum 2008

Toni Snow, UCC, member

Ann Snuttjer , Former Whitworth Staff , Former Whitworth Adjunct Faculty

Rod Snyder, Eastern University, Former Student Body President (2000-2001)

Dale Soden

Glen Soderholm

Lisa Solan, Wheaton College , Alum

Myra Sorrell

Rebecca Southwick, Whitworth University, Student

Kate Sowers , World Vision East Africa, Whitworth University Class of 2012

Kenton Sparks, Eastern University, Faculty

Donna Spencer, Presbyterian Church (USA), Elder

sue speth, First Presbysterian Church of San Pedro, Member

Zach Spoehr-Labutta, The George Washington University, MD Candidate 2016; Wheaton College alum 2011, OneWheaton Member

JoMae Spoelhof, Christian Reformed Church member, Calvin College ’59, Christian Feminism Today member (eewc.com)

Martha Spong, RevGalBlogPals, Director

Ashley Spooner, Whitworth , alum 2011

Jamie Spotts, Whitworth Alum, class 2002

Christopher Spotts

Jessica Stake, Eastern University Alum

Jenni Standard

Diana Stapp, Whitworth University, Alum 2008

Scott Starbuck, Whitworth Alum 1985

Katie Stark, PC(USA), Ruling Elder and staff member of a local church

Colleen Staz, Evangelical

Sally Steenland, Center for American Progress, Director Faith & Progressive Policy Initiative

William Stell, Princeton Theological Seminary M.Div. candidate 2016, Wheaton College alumnus 2012

Laura Stembridge, ELCA, Candidate for Seminary

Andrew Stephens-Rennie, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, Emerging Ministries Pastor

Michaela Stevens, nondenominational

Kelly Stockwell

Joshua Stokes

Kathleen H. Storm

Colin Storm, Whitworth University

Bart Story, Highlands Church, Denver, Former Supporter

David Strachan, isna.org, former board member

Carrie Streepy , Whitworth alum

Cara Strickland

William J. Stronks

Bill Stronks, Trinity Christian College alum

Ryan Struyk, Calvin College ’14

Kaitlyn Stucker, Eastern University alum

Christie Suddreth-Dunn

Christie Suddreth-Dunn

Douglas Sugano , Whitworth University, Professor of English/Director of Honors Program

John Suk, Lawrence Park Community Church, and former editor of The Banner, magazine of the Christian Reformed Church, Pastor

David Surbaugh

Michella Sutherland, Whitworth alum 2012, MSU Candidate

Laurie Sweigard, Central Baptist Wayne PA, Pastor

Whitney Tampien, Whitworth alum 2006

peter tannen

Nathan Edward TeGrotenhuis, Whitworth University alum

Taylor Telford, Princeton Theological Seminary, PC(USA), M.Div. Student, Candidate for ordination

Reid Tennis, Whitworth University , Alumni

Janelle Thayer, Whitworth University

Cheryl Thomas

Ian Joseph Thompson, Whitworth alum 2011

Vicki Thompson

Sherry Thompson, Unity Church, member

Susan J. Thompson , Presbyterian Church (USA), Member

Sharon Thornton, Andover Newton Theological School, Professor of Pastoral Theology

Cris Tietsort, Whitworth University, Resident Director

Yayone Tindol

Tessa Tokke

Kari Tolppanen, University of St. Michael’s College, Alum

Stacy Tomson Rispin, Wheaton College 1989, Fuller Theological Seminary 1997, OneWheaton, alumna, alumna, member

Alisa Tongg, Whitworth University alum 1994, Storyteller & Celebrant for Aisle-Bound Couples

Janet Lee Townsend, Lincoln University, Ret. Office Manager

Jan Townsend, Geneva College, Graduate

Kathleen Treat, President, Speranza Foundation, World Vision Strong Woman Strong World Chair

Stephen Adam Trego, Whitworth alum

Janet Trevino-Elizarraraz

Paula Trimble-Familetti

Diana Trotter, Whitworth University, Professor of Theatre

Megan Turley, currently serving with Mennonite Central Committee, Wheaton College alum 2010

Yolanda Turner, Eastern University

Marie Turner, Humanity, Presbyterian, follower of Christ

Pamela Turner-Langley, First St. Andrew’s United Church, member

Joe Upfield, Guelph campus ministry, Friend

Angela Van Arragon donor

Edward J. Van Luinen, member of the Presbyterian Church.

Alyzsa Van Til, Unity, retired minister

Rachel Vander Vennen

Angela Vanderbelt, Whitworth University, Class of 2015

James VanderBerg, Guelph Campus Ministry, Campus Minister

John VanderHeide, Mennonite Central Committee , International Service Worker

Katie VanderHeide, Calvin College, Alum

Pat Vanderkooy member of Christian Reformed Church

Mary VanderVennen, Christian Counseling Services Emerita

Bob VanderVennen, Christian College Educator

Wendy VanderWal-Gritter, Tyndale Seminary, Alumni; Knox College, Doctoral Student; New Direction Ministries, Executive Director; Christian Reformed Church, member

Judith VanderWilt, Hope Church, Reformed Church in America, Member

Carissa VanHaitsma, Calvin College Alum, 2014

Jackson VanHaitsma

Patrick VanInwegen, Whitworth University Political Science Professor, parishioner St. Aloysius

Victoria VanInwegen, Gonzaga University alum, parishioner St. Aloysius

Rick VanManen, Christian Reformed Campus Minister, University of Alberta

Rachel VanZanten, Calvin College, 2008 alum

Dirk Vastrick, Bethany Presbyterian Spokane, Ruling Elder

John H. Vaughn, Auburn Seminary, Executive Vice President

Deborah G. Vaughn, Maryland

David Veenstra

Maya Vergien

Roch Vermaak, Ph.D., Brentwood Presbyterian Church, Completed training through World Vision

Fr. Rich Vitale, Old Catholic Church, Priest

Jane Vogel

Elizabeth Vollmer, Eastern University, student

Wendy Vollmin

Randi Von Ellefson, Oklahoma City University faculty

Debra Voorhorst

Liz Wade

Gretchen Wahl

Jim Walker, Jim Walker, LCSW

Robert Walker, Retired United Methodist Minister in the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church

Seth Wall, Whitworth University, Alum

Mark Wallace, Christian Reformed Campus Ministry

Jami Ward

Ruth Welles Wardschenk, Wheaton College, Graduate 1989

William Ware, Chapel by the Lake Ministries, Assistant Pastor

Benjamin Washam, Whitworth University, Residence Director’s Spouse

Sarah Washam, Whitworth University Resident Director, Alum Whitworth University 2004

Gordon Watanabe, Whitworth University, professor emeritus

Ross Brooke Watts , Whitworth University, Director of Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Joe B. Webb, Fuller Theological Seminary, Vice President for Advancement 2005-2012

Danielle Wegman, Whitworth alum 2006

Van Weigel, Eastern University, Professor of Ethics and Economic Development

Joan Wenke, Hope College alumna

Cornel West, Union Theological Seminary (NY), Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice

Sierra Westerman, Princeton Theological Seminary, M.Div. student, 2014

Caitlin Wheeler, Whitworth, alumna 2011

Stuart White, Christian

Monica Whitehead

Ginny Whitehouse, Whitworth faculty (1996-2011), now at Eastern Kentucky University

Jonathan Whitmore, Whitworth Alumnus 2013

Tyler Whitney, Gonzaga Law School J.D. Candidate, Whitworth alum

David Whittaker, United Methodist Church, Member

Stephen Wieber member of Presbyterian church

Peder Wiegner, Eastern University

Lora Wiens, Wheaton College Alumnus, OneWheaton Vice-Chair, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Gordon Wiersma, Hope Church RCA, Holland MI, Pastor

Noelle Wiersma

Sarah Wilcox, Wheaton College, Alum 2008

Linda W. Williams, member St. Giles Episcopal Church

Meg Williams

Doug Williams, Kirkwood United Church of Christ, member

Kailey Wilson, Whitworth University , Student

Tim Wilson-Brown

David Winiecki, Whitworth alum 2011

Carol Winters

Carol Winters

Jana Wipf, Whitworth alum

Jamie Wipf, Seattle University, Sophomore

Emily Wirth, Whitworth alum 2006

Nick Wolterstorff, Yale University, Noah Porter Emeritus Professor of Philosophical Theology

Beth Wolz

Joshua H. Wong, member of The Episcopal Church, Fashion Designer

Grace Wong, New York University, Adjunct Professor, Licensed Psychologist

Thea Woodnorth

Regina Woods

Danielle Woodworth

Crystal Wooldridge

Stef Work

Nathan Wright, Bryn Mawr College, Associate Professor of Sociology

Tara E. Yi, Whitworth University ’07 , Act Six Cadre One

Janet S. Yoder

John C. Yoder , Whitworth University, Professor of Political Science

Amy Yoder McGloughlin, Germantown Mennonite Church, Pastor

Joy A. York, Whitworth University, Senior Lecturer of Communication

Kurtis W. M. Young, Whitworth alum, Prosecutor

Tana Young, Whitworth alum, 2005

Charles Zandbergen, Dordt College 1980 alum

Matt Zandbergen

Darlene Zwart, Self, Friend



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